Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Home for the Sick and Dying

At sunrise, four of us walked to the tent church to join our Haitian Brothers and Sisters in celebrating our Lord.  Although I couldn't understand what was being said, it didn't matter because I could feel the spirit of the worship. Incredible experience - definately something I plan to do every morning while in Haiti!

The day began with us going to the Home for Sick and Dying Children.  The home had been hit by the earthquake, so their current facility was very small and lacking.  Infants who were very ill were in the poorly lit, closed quarters located in the lower level of the home.  The other babies/toddlers had the upper level - cribs scattered in several small rooms.  A beautiful 2 year old with large chocolate brown eyes captured my heart and I spent the entire 2 hours "loving on her".  She loved to snuggle and held on tightly with her petite little hands.  When I took her to the courtyard to join some of my team, she was very entertained by watching the other children running around.  At one time, while I was carrying her, we passed a large crucifix and she pointed.  I said "praise Jesus"..this beautiful gift of God raised her little hands up in the air to worship our heavenly Father.  It wasn't a coincidence - several times I would say "praise Jesus"...and once again she raised her hands to heaven.  Amazing!!!  It was difficult to put her back in the crib when it was time to go.  I pray that this little angel will heal from her ailment and that she has a loving family who will take her home again.

In the afternoon, some of the team returned to the Home for Sick and Dying Children and helped the Sisters move furniture, organize all the supplies we brought them etc.  The open house of their new Home is this Sunday and they had much to do.

There were six of us who were given the opportunity to join the Sisters at St. Joseph's Clinic.  The free clinic provides medical care for the underserved.  We tended to several patients who had massive wounds of the feet, legs and hands.  I saw wounds today that I will probably never see in my professional career.  The clinic was quite primative with the basic of supplies.  I truly see the donations we received will be put to great use!!  The patients were so appreciative, blessing us and once again, true to Haitian style - gave us the warmest of smiles.

My word for today is fulfilled!  My heart was filled with love when embracing "my little girl" at the Home for Sick and Dying Children.  I truly feel I was God's servant today at the wound clinic.  He blessed me with a passion for healing and today I used that skill and talent to care for my Brothers and Sisters.

God is Great!

Love to all~

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cite Solei

Today was a physically and emotionally draining day.  We had the ability to deliver 3 large trucks of water to the people of Cite Solei - an area of extreme poverty.  As we arrived, the people (children to elderly) ran with buckets in hand to stand in line to receive water.  We got off the Tap Tap and were instantly met with the open arms of children who were eager to share and receive unconditional love.  Several of us were asked to help carry the buckets down the streets to the small, baren structures they call "home".  Often inviting us in, they were always eager to share a smile, hug and expression of gratitude for the assistance.  Never in my life have I felt as much confusion as today.  The beautiful people of Cite Solei are so poverty stricken of material things... yet so rich in spirit, love and the grace of God.  I witnessed Donovan, my 15 year old nephew transition from a teenager into a young man as he, without hesitation, picked up a naked little boy who looked up at him with his large, brown loving eyes.  My heart broke when a young mother (about 21 years old) handed me and one of my team members her 12 week old twins as her other young children were at her feet.  Despite the language barrier, I know she was asking us to take her babies. 
How fortunate and blessed I am.  I praise God for all that I have, but more importantly, for all the incredible people in my life and the beautiful people I was blessed to meet today.

Tomorrow we'll "love on" the babies and children of the Home of Sick and Dying Children.  Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to be God's servants in all that we do.


Monday, July 9, 2012

First Impression

We arrived safely in Haiti! Our wonderful "Haitian Brothers" met us at the airport and helped us navigate our luggage from customs to the Tap Tap (our mode of Haitian transportation). There were so many men at customs who were trying to push in and "help us" find our way ...simply to earn a dollar or two. They were so forceful and didn't easily take NO for an answer. As we drove along gravel roads and past tent cities, I felt overwhelming sadness. There were so many faces searching for a purpose and explantion as to why they were unfortunate to be born in a place of poverty.  Many smiled and waved to us saying "Bonjou".  Others looked confused as to why they were being invaded by so  many white faces (blan).  Upon arriving at our guest home, we were surprised at the pleasing accommodations...especially after seeing what so many Haitians live in.  We had a fabulous dinner of tacos and real Coca-Cola!  But think about those who live in tent city a few blocks away and wonder if they have eaten today.

What is God trying to teach me?  My heart is open to all He intends for me to learn.

Tomorrow we will deliver water to the people of Cite Solei. 

Ke Bondye Beni'ou

The Healing Haiti Medical Mission Team

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Three Angels

My neighbor sent me the following note yesterday.  I am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life!    ~Selina

I have asked God to send 3 angels with you on your trip ....

One angel to hold your hand, if it needs comfort, and to give
     support and grounding
One angel to wipe your tears as you experience things
     unimaginable... to us
One angel to comfort your heart, because at the beginning or
     end of each day the journey will be different
And may you look up for His light and bow to His amazing
     compassion and grace ….tired you may be ... the journey
     will be sharing your love and God's love to all you come
     into contact with ...  love comes from the heart

I hope you will feel the presence of these angels 

Monday, July 2, 2012

One week...and counting

A week from today and we'll be sitting in the guest house in Haiti. I sit on the patio in 100 degree temp, I believe God is preparing us for the weather in Haiti!  


Saturday, June 9, 2012

One month....and counting

One month from today we'll be in Haiti!  Amazing how quickly, yet slowly the time has gone preparing for the trip.  I'm thrilled that God has chosen me to go at this time AND I am blessed to be sharing the experience with Donovan and Anne!  Since becoming a nurse, I've known in my heart that I would go on a medical mission trip....all in God's time!!  In reading some of the other blog postings, I realize that I have no idea what God has in store for me.  I'm open for what He intends for me to learn and how He wants me to serve Him!


Monday, May 14, 2012


Donovan's fundraising garage sale this past weekend was a success!  The generosity of neighbors, friends, family AND all those who stopped at the sale helped him to raise a large portion of the money needed for his mission trip!  There were some very kind people who didn't purchase anything, yet felt moved to donate!  God is good!