Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cite Solei

Today was a physically and emotionally draining day.  We had the ability to deliver 3 large trucks of water to the people of Cite Solei - an area of extreme poverty.  As we arrived, the people (children to elderly) ran with buckets in hand to stand in line to receive water.  We got off the Tap Tap and were instantly met with the open arms of children who were eager to share and receive unconditional love.  Several of us were asked to help carry the buckets down the streets to the small, baren structures they call "home".  Often inviting us in, they were always eager to share a smile, hug and expression of gratitude for the assistance.  Never in my life have I felt as much confusion as today.  The beautiful people of Cite Solei are so poverty stricken of material things... yet so rich in spirit, love and the grace of God.  I witnessed Donovan, my 15 year old nephew transition from a teenager into a young man as he, without hesitation, picked up a naked little boy who looked up at him with his large, brown loving eyes.  My heart broke when a young mother (about 21 years old) handed me and one of my team members her 12 week old twins as her other young children were at her feet.  Despite the language barrier, I know she was asking us to take her babies. 
How fortunate and blessed I am.  I praise God for all that I have, but more importantly, for all the incredible people in my life and the beautiful people I was blessed to meet today.

Tomorrow we'll "love on" the babies and children of the Home of Sick and Dying Children.  Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to be God's servants in all that we do.


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