Monday, July 9, 2012

First Impression

We arrived safely in Haiti! Our wonderful "Haitian Brothers" met us at the airport and helped us navigate our luggage from customs to the Tap Tap (our mode of Haitian transportation). There were so many men at customs who were trying to push in and "help us" find our way ...simply to earn a dollar or two. They were so forceful and didn't easily take NO for an answer. As we drove along gravel roads and past tent cities, I felt overwhelming sadness. There were so many faces searching for a purpose and explantion as to why they were unfortunate to be born in a place of poverty.  Many smiled and waved to us saying "Bonjou".  Others looked confused as to why they were being invaded by so  many white faces (blan).  Upon arriving at our guest home, we were surprised at the pleasing accommodations...especially after seeing what so many Haitians live in.  We had a fabulous dinner of tacos and real Coca-Cola!  But think about those who live in tent city a few blocks away and wonder if they have eaten today.

What is God trying to teach me?  My heart is open to all He intends for me to learn.

Tomorrow we will deliver water to the people of Cite Solei. 

Ke Bondye Beni'ou

The Healing Haiti Medical Mission Team

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